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A day in our life

Forest School What is Forest school?

Using tools



new skills

Team work


Learning how to safely use a variety of tools.

"Look what i've found!"

Toasting marshmallows over an open fire.

Learning how to tie knots

Building relationships & working together.

Becoming confident to take risks

As children do not make a distinction between play and learning we offer ...

the importance of mark making

Maths in the home

Mark making is the very start of your child's writing journey and there are many ways that you can encourage mark making opportunities at home.

Maths is everywhere in the home and outdoors! A child is able to grasp many of the mathematical concepts through their play experiences.

Why not fill up a bucket with water, add mops, brushes, brooms, sponges, spray bottles and watch them make marks; or making patterns in rice or flour?

Remember your child needs to develop thier gross movements in order to develop the skill to hold a pencil so BIG is better!

Why not try these simple activities - get them to sort the washing, matching patterns/sizes; to lay the table, or counting whilst climbing the stairs.

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