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Key Person

Early years foundation stage

Your child is allocated a 'key person' when they start at Under Fives.

At Under Fives we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework through which there are four guiding principles.

A Unique Child

Positive Relationships



Learning and





These principles shape the practice we deliver.

As children do not make a distinction between play and learning we offer both planned and spontaneous opportunities that allow them to ...

Their role is to help help them and you become familiar with the setting and routines and ...

School ready?

School ready?


Term Dates Term Dates

Making the next step from pre-school to 'BIG' school can be just as worrying for a parent as it is for the child.

So what does it mean for your child to be 'school ready'?

The Reception teacher at Eckington First School explained that her expectations of being school ready is that your child has attained good Personal, Social and Emotional Development. That they are independent, in particular with toileting, un-dressing and dressing themselves and being able to put on their own shoes and coats.

She also highlighted the benefit of ...

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