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Pre-school & Forest School

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What our parents say

"A super, well-run pre-school. My son calls it 'Eckington Friends' which I think sums it up perfectly."

"Welcoming, friendly, professional staff. My daughter has a beaming smile and jumps up and down when she arrives at Under Fives - it speaks for itself!"

" child has be able to explore his favourite activities at Forest School, he simply wants to go every day! We are impressed with the way his individual interests are explored by the Under Fives team, so that he has maximum fun and not realise he's learning new skills and facts as well as building on his existing knowledge."

"A warm and welcoming setting of which we highly recommend - please keep up the amazing good work."

"Our daughter was very happy ... from the first day she joined Eckington Under Fives. The place is friendly, safe and located in great surroundings."

"Children are always discovering new things, their time is never wasted as the carers are alwas there to make children busy with new activities."

"The staff are concientious and approachable. I have never found myself rushed when discussing my child..."

"The pre-school has a warm environment in which children are able to explore and grow in confidence."

"The opportunities for outdoor play and the relationships staff build with the children are particularly valued."

"My child...loves the outdoors so Forest School is fantastic for this."

"Parents are always informed of what is going on and can be involved."

"This is a very friendly, small pre-school and really considers the individual child's needs and abilities..."

"Forest school is exceptionally well run and a fantastic opportunity for the children."

"I am so happy I have sent my son here, everyone is really nice and really easy to talk to."